*These questions are horrible… which is probably why he wrote them.

– Courtesy of Donald Miller (http://storylineblog.com/2012/10/04/how-does-american-culture-influence-christianity/)

1. If I die and nobody knows my name, but more people know about Jesus, am I truly okay with that?

2. Do I believe God wants me to succeed, or does God want more people to know Jesus?

3. How much effort do I spend planning a performance on a stage in front of strangers vs in smaller groups, contributing to a healthy community with Jesus at the head?

4. Do those closest to me see the same person as those once or twice removed, those who I blog for, write for, lead worship for or preach sermons for?

5. Am I truly willing to be vulnerable about my faults, even if it costs me a bit of my platform?



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  1. Wow! “Horrible questions” to be sure! Wonder why the important questions often seem so hard?! Actually, I think I know the answer to that one: because they are the truthful questions that require inward looking and discerning listening and, of course: CHANGE probably (change most likely)…. Are these rhetorical? I wonder what Miller’s answers would be; I wonder what mine would be if I honestly (i.e., truthfully) responded to them; I wonder what your responses would be…. maybe we should just leave them floating out there in the rhetorical ether and admit their importance and then run like hell away from them?

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