Merton Blog 3


Christian holiness can no longer be considered a matter purely of individual and isolated acts of virtue. It must also be seen as part of a great collaborative effort for spiritual and cultural renewal in society, to produce conditions in which all can work and enjoy the just fruits of their labor in peace.” This one was compelling. I reflected on this and wrote, “So what society am I collaborating with? Is it the universal ‘church’? It can’t be because if it is, then really all that means is, I still do individual acts of virtue, with the security of knowing that in doing so, I am united with others, somewhere, somehow, I am pretty sure. That can’t be right because that is what has many of us in this mess in the first place. So what society am I collaborating with? Maybe Silverton? Family? SUMC? The people in my head (If so then there isn’t much I have to change)?”


One thought on “Merton Blog 3

  1. I REALLY believe WITH ALL MY HEART that “holiness” is foundationally about relationship–a primary relationship with God that is characterized by immediacy and presence that are eternally transforming–that we tend this holy relationship with “tender fierceness” (a phrase I borrow from Dr. Trentaz that is best analogized by mother love). Out of this living organic connectivity, characterized by transparency, intimacy, and humble boldness emerges, like a plant from a seed, into wholeness and neighborliness.

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