Merton Blog 4

Grant us to seek peace where it is truly found! In your will, O God, is our peace!” As time went on with Merton and my prayer life, peace became a subject I knew/know I have to deal with more. I do not think peace is something defined objectively in the sky and then I have to figure out if I can attain the standard. I think it is something that is particular to me, and my relationship to the world and to God. That said as I pray it is not always that peaceful. I enjoy being quiet but not because I rest in silence, because the voices in my head tend to be more compelling (and at times depressing) than the voices in an evangelical prayer circle. My mind is not often silent, if it is I am somewhere extraordinary. But it does not happen often.


One thought on “Merton Blog 4

  1. In some important way, your blog entry for “5” is a wonderful answer to the “problem” of this entry. I wonder, really, what peace is; perhaps it has something more to do with being in deep and meaningful relationship with God and others and not so much about silence?

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